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like a river runs.

"I don't love you anymore."

In the middle of a surging river, the cornerstone to a dam was laid, cutting into the surging current and ripping into the passing stream. The river, however, was undeterred, forcing its way around the obstacle and continuing on its path downstream.

He lies in bed, nursing his tender, broken heart.

Brick by brick, the obstacle increased in length, coercing the water to grudgingly travel further and further along the roadblock before it could move ahead. When the line of bricks finally spanned the whole width of the river, the water had to change tactics, now having to propel itself over the obstacle in a soaring leap; however, as the construction advanced ever forward, the water found it increasingly harder to overcome this hurdle, having to rely more and more on sheer luck as more and more particles were flung back by the growing, ungiving wall.

He gazes out of his bedroom window, gauging the fall.

The construction continued at an unrelenting pace. Soon, the dam towered over the trees on the riverbank, continuing its intimidating ascent until it broke through the mist of clouds, eventually reaching a height so high that not a single ray of sunshine could permeate the cold, unforgiving surface. Without light’s loving touch, flora and fauna alike along the riverbank slowly perished, powerless against the menace separating them from their source of life.

Deciding to fight these thoughts, he sets foot outside of his four walls.

Within the river, the surge had long come to an abrupt halt, the dam having proven to be too strong an obstacle. Over and over and over again the water had thrown itself against the wall, each attempt reinforced by the brethren arriving from upstream, but the unmovable object remained stoic in its defiance and the water had since given up on any dream of passage. Not a single crack or irregularity that the water could potentially exploit was to be found in the meticulously sculpted creation. The water wallowed in its own languish, lapping uselessly against the dam.

Stumbling over his usual coffee order, he chooses the darkest corner to sit in.

Robbed of a day and night cycle, the passage of time could be measured only in degree of decay. The rotting stench of decay slowly filled the air as the perpetual darkness slowly drew out all sign of life, along with all notion of hope the water from upstream brought with it.

"Is this seat taken?" Jolted out of his stupor, he looks up and locks eyes with a pretty,

sparkling eyes set above a slight, beautiful smile.

A thunderous rumble roared through and split the skies. A hairline crack appeared on the surface that was, up to this point, thought to be impenetrable, zigzagging down the wall and bringing forth the first elusive ray of light. The warmth of the sun began slicing through the heavy mantle that had bequeathed everything for far too long, while the first droplet of water reached the far side of the wall, falling and creating the first of many ripples to come, waking the stream from its sombre sleep.

"No, no, not at all... please!" For the first time in a long, long time, the faintest hint of a

smile graced his lips as he motioned towards the empty chair.


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